Creative London and other policy documents

A series of internal and other policy documents were prepared or commissioned by Creative London between 2003 and 2006.

Creative London was the unit set up by the LDA alongside the development of the Mayor’s Commission on the Creative Industries. Formally launched in 2004, it had a relatively short life-span as Mayoral priorities – and subsequently Mayors – changed.

Creative London was the title of the report of the Mayor’s Commission on the Creative Industries, which was intended as a ‘manifesto’ for the said unit.

The Economic Case for Culture was prepared by BOP Consulting in 2005, and aims to provide a coherent rationale for the investment in cultural activity by an economic development agency.

Creative London’s Creative London submission to the DCMS Creative Economy Programme in 2006 provides a short snap-shot on the importance of the creative industries in the capital.

In 2005, Sir George Cox was commissioned by the-then Chancellor, Gordon Brown, to undertake a review of the role of creativity in business. This is Cox Review LDA Response to that debate.

Commissioned by Creative London, the Work Foundation published a think-piece on the Accidental Success of the creative economy in the capital.

Among a wide range of other documents and reports at this time, the following is also worth highlighting:
Play it Right – an investigation into the Asian presence in the creative sector in London.