Mayoral Strategies

The Mayor is charged with publishing a ‘Culture Strategy’ as set out in the GLA Act. It is a statutory responsibility – although it comes with very few other powers, since the Mayor has very limited control over the major cultural agencies and organisations, such as the Arts Council, the national museums and galleries, or indeed, local authority run museums and libraries.

Two formal Culture Strategies have been published by the two different London Mayors, together with a pre-strategy document, published in Mayor Johnson’s first term of office.

The London Culture Strategy, as published by Ken Livingstone:
London Cultural Capital: realising the potential of a world-class city

The pre-strategy document published by Boris Johnson:
Cultural Metropolis: the Mayor’s priorities for Culture, 2009-2012

The complete Culture Strategy for London, published and launched in 2012:
Cultural Metropolis, 2012 and beyond

And the most recent update in 2014:
Cultural Metropolis.